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Title: Just... Don't
Author: Sherlockian

Of all the emotions Kon figured he'd feel upon confronting his once-and-future best friend after dying horribly in front of the entire cape community, embarrassment was so far down the list he'd never even considered how to handle it. Bart was at his back, and making supportive facial expressions (or he might have just been bored. You never knew with Bart). The Brainys were off in a corner, talking amongst themselves and studiously ignoring the irate Robin. "Uhm. Hi?" Kon coughed and managed what he hoped was a charmingly sheepish expression.

Tim continued to glare.

"I'm... back?" His voice squeaked on the last word. Kon had died. Wasn't dying supposed to bring great wisdom from beyond the grave, or something? The only great wisdom Kon could summon up at that moment was 'don't piss off tiny guys in brightly-colored spandex. They have kryptonite.'
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