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Title: Hook a Canuck
Author: Sherlockian

"We are the American Gods," Magneto said, his voice rising and his eyes intense. Logan barely had to pay attention to hear the zealotry in the words. He really wasn't paying attention, to be honest. He was too busy gazing out at his teammates-- Bobby was pinned down by Toad, slimed to his knees, Ororo was fighting Lorna, trying to stay out of the tiny metal box Magneto's daughter had prepared for her. Remy was failing to take down the Blob, throwing cards that really did no damage. And Scott, he was in the same situation as Logan, stuck to a wall by an I-beam, courtesy of Magneto's powers.

"You know," Logan said, and gritted his teeth against the magnetic pressure brought to bear on his skeleton, "I'm Canadian."

Remy, who was close enough to hear, but jumping like a flea back into the fray, laughed. Unfortunately, Remy got pinned with another I-beam for his trouble. "I think we may need to take advantage of yer health care after this. Want to get married, mon cher?"

Scott groaned.
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